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Mrs. Boocks - Guidance Counselor

Phone - 648-3172
Email - Mrs. Boocks

An Overview to Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ Guidance/Counseling Services

Purpose of the Guidance Program

The purpose of the elementary school guidance counselor is to provide a developmental guidance program for all students to help them with academic concerns, personal/social concerns and career awareness. Students are served through individual and group counseling and classroom guidance lessons. The counselor is available to help students deal with issues that are interfering with their ability to learn.

What does a guidance counselor do?
The school guidance counselor:

1. Conducts classroom guidance lessons

2. Provides individual and small group counseling for students

3. Helps students transition from Kindergarten to First grade and from Fifth grade to Middle School

4. Consults with parents, teachers, and administrators about guidance and counseling  interventions for students

5. Conducts discussion groups with parents on topics of common interests or concerns

6. Coordinates referrals to school and community agencies

When should a child see the counselor?

A child should see the counselor when faced with:
A school problem
A death in the family
A behavior concern
A parent's deployment
A concern with parents separation/divorce
Being teased

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Updated Wednesday, June 19, 2013